Jan 25, 2006




Mark Gronewald is building 'Fat Bikes' here in Alaska...BUY ALASKAN! We're going to layup one of his frames for our winter trailing and summer beach work. Stay tuned for more work on this project. SPRING!

Mark has been involved w/developing Alaska 'Fat Bike' sport for many years and is a good source of technical information, parts, bikes, etc. You can find him lurking here: mtbr Alaska forum , he's 'wildfire'... note* read only unless you register! Check it out!


Check out Mark's report from his outing on the Knik Glacier...good stuff!

Wildfire Designs Bicycles
3901 N. Charley Dr.
Wasilla, AK USA 99654
Phone: (907) 745-2453

Email: wildfire@mtaonline.net

Mark and Charlie on ride-1
Marks FB w Surly
Pink FatBike
FatBike Fork

Great implementation on a great idea/concept! Whether winter expeditioning or just touring...this is the way to carry gear on a bicycle! ~$110.00

Frame Bag Oblique Frame Bag