Aug 9, 2005

Alaskan Outdoor Center & Wildfire 'Kuskokwim Kruzer'

Wildfire aoc Rohloff 'FatBike' is on the trail!


Kuskokwim Cruiser, Kusko Kruzer, Kusko it what you like, aoc has been working on this bike project for sometime now and Mark Gronewald at Wildfire Designs Bicycles has been integral in helping us to create our 'expedition dreambike!



Components were selected to optimize performance: reliability in remote settings; riding primarily on the flats...long-river and beach expeditions; both extreme-winter and maritime environs.

Rohloff 500/14 Drive Hub
(external cable-box)

What can be said about the Rohloff hub that hasn't been said already as the hub has quite the world-wide reputation...but the verdict is still out for this least until a full winter/summer season in Western Alaska is accomplished...but WOW - it is quite the remarkable component...can you see the :-) on my face?! Ear to Ear!


'Wildfire Fatbike' Frameset
(DeSalvo shop)

red_frameFatBike Fork

(hub is legacy but NIB - 130 32h, others - NIB)

WTB GreaseGuard (GG) Front Hub, WTB GG Headet, Surly Wheels - Large Marge Rims (no-offset)/ Endomorph Tires /Tubes/ Rim-strip, Surly Rear NiceRack(cutdown)


Phil Wood BB

WTB GG Pedals, Sugino XD600 Crankset w/ Surly SS Chainring(spaced-out on outer ring)


Paul Touring Canti
(one, rear)


Jeff Jones' H-Bar
(straight entension)



We're still in the process of fine-tuning some of the layup...but on first outing, I've got to say this is one best bikes I've ever riden.Will it just set the standard for Alaskan expedition bikes?!


Give us a winter and a few thousand miles of river, tundra and beach ride...we'll let you know!