Dec 7, 2004

Hunt Johnsen Designs

Hunt Johnsen Designs
P.O. Box 75704 Honolulu,Hawai’i 96836

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The Wave Witch family of kayaks originated in 1984. Designed to provide a boat with better paddling characteristics than the wave skis, and better surfing ability than the usual kayak, the sharp and deeply veed clipper bow slices through chop cleanly and with little resistance, while the unique reversed canoe stern with its flat run and hard chines prevents squatting and lifts the boat while surfing. The design has proven to be somewhat magic - it paddles faster than any other boats in its length class and its surfing ability is unequalled.

All Wave Witch kayaks feature an adjustable footbar and spade rudder steering, giving them great maneuverability and precise control in all conditions. Additionally, all Wave Witch kayaks include a standard deck fitting configuration accommodating thigh straps, seat backs and deck cargo tie-downs, a carry handle, drain plug, plus one bombproof fitting in the bow for a leash. A breakwater comes standard on the Wave Witch Classic and the Wave Witch Witchlet.

Wave Witch kayaks are of high quality fiberglass construction, with glassed foam stringers and ribs for rigidity with light weight. A variety of custom accessories are available as well as Kevlar, Carbon, Kevlar/Carbon 50/50 hybrid cloth, if desired.

The Wave Witch family now consists of four production models:

WW Pocket Rocket

WW Witchlet

WW Classic

HORIZON 12' 7"
WW Horizon

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Hunt and Judy johnsen
Hunt Johnsen Designs
P.O. Box 75704 Honolulu,Hawai’i 96836
(808) 847-4408 voice / (808) 221-1958 cell
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