Jul 11, 2011

Hanalei Canoe Club

Paddled with the Hanelei Canoe Club on Kaua'i.  Wonderful people, great ocean environment and strong team paddlers. Was great motivation for me to get on the water and initiate some real training efforts.

My favorite outing was the day we paddled in some larger swell...surfed a bunch and even flipped the canoe (I take credit for the flip...was seated in number four seat and should have been watching the ama closer... ;-P live and learn). Was fun to learn how to recover such a big paddle-craft. Coach Christian said we could check huli and swamped boat recovery training off our checklist...lol

I donated my canoe paddle to the club prior to leaving. A big Maholo to all those folks at the HCC.

Feb 18, 2009

FatBike 101 Class

Pretty Proud of this class presentation. The University of Alaska's first official Winter Cycling class aka FatBiking 101. Designed and Delivered via the Kuskokwim University Campus in Bethel.

Check out the course weblink here!

Course Description
RECR 193 is a survey of winter bicycling in Alaska. Topics covered include: Alaskan Winter Cycling Roots &History; Performance & Off-season Training; Bike Design, Performance & Construction; Expedition Readiness and Wheel Building. Practicum will include in-region day-rides and bike-building opportunities for all students. Upon completion, students will have a better understanding of the new levels of fitness and the safe enjoyment of the out-of-doors that this growing winter sport can provide.

Course Goals
* Exposure to some of the unique bicycling history in Alaska
* Understand the roots of Snow Biking and the Development of 'FatBikes' in Alaska
* Develop a broader knowledge-base regarding ultralight camping and self propelled travel
* Understand critical design and construction components for winter bicycles
* Develop basic mechanic skills and confidence through hands-on bike shop experience
* Review off-season training tools and performance
* Recognize and practice safe wilderness travel etiquette

Check out the weblink here:


Dec 24, 2008

FatbikeAlaska Blog


Fatbiking in Alaska...about big wheeled pedal-craft and the people who use them here in Alaska. Touring Alaska's beaches, frozen rivers and oceans on fat -tired two wheelers. pugsley surly fatback endomorph large marge alaska fatbike kuskokwim bicycle wildfire martin leonard III Snow Ice Sand Bike Bicycle Alaska Kuskokwim Expedition kusko


Dec 17, 2008

Manaq'ing Kuskokwim River

Ice-fishing with Mian'aq, Nuq'aq on the Kuskokwim River...across from the mouth of the Johnson River and Katie and Nels Alexie's fishcamp...Mian pulls up a big pike...watch the action.